Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Avoiding a lethal Oops...

The bedwetting alarmists are calling for a moratorium on executions again in the Raleigh News and Disturber. That should come as no surprise to even casual readers of the paper because those on staff there (editors or columnists or some combination of both) have already decided somehow that only a moratorium (on executing the guilty) can be in our best interests.

Imbedded in the “pep talk” to persons who’d support the idea of a halt to executions is another reference to their “poster boy” Alan Gell. No surprise there either. Don’t hold your breath waiting for the N&O to acknowledge that Gell was never even scheduled for an execution and that a working system (minus the new laws relating to disclosure) is what eventually led to his eventual acquittal. Acquittals occur when there’s a weak case state’s against a suspect in a case. Does anyone remember O.J. Simpson, or Ron and Nicole? Nobody at the N&O (or promoting a moratorium) is writing about Allen Ray Jenkins, that’s for sure.

The wheels of justice are surely slow but there are no doubts about the guilt of those who’ve been recently executed and no one is currently scheduled for execution now. So why can’t these alarmists schedule a review while justice runs her course? The answer to that question is apparent, the moratorium (or halt) is the real goal and the study or any potential improvement or constructive suggestion that these persons might have for the system is an afterthought (for moratorium supporters or death penalty foes, in some circles it has been said that these are really the same persons).

Oops, in case no one noticed, the wrongful execution rate is zero. Meanwhile, the number of inmates who have already murdered who could have been executed or who committed additional crimes while behind bars is certainly greater than zero and increasing almost every day.

Should North Carolinians be encouraged to support a study commission that consists of a league of moratorium supporters? Will other persons who can demonstrate that their interests lie in what's best for all North Carolinians (not just death row inmates) be included? Now there are some questions that need to be asked and answered before Speaker Black considers taking a bill to the floor for a vote or creating any special study commissions!!