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Tookie Williams' Redemption? No, his Contempt!

Tookie Williams' Redemption? No, his Contempt!
Dudley Sharp

As has become standard, in many of theses campaigns to save all murderers, it is filled with lies, hatred and contempt of the innocent murder victims, the antithesis of any recognizable redemption.

"LIES SO pervade the campaign waged to "save" convicted killer Stanley Tookie Williams that Williams and company don't even bother to cover their tracks when they say things they know aren't true." (1)

"So much attention to the murderer, almost none for those he killed. So let's remember them here: Albert Owens, a veteran and father of two young girls, shot at a 7-11, and three member of an Asian-American family who ran the Brookhaven Motel-Yen-I Yang, Tsai-Shai Yang and Yee-Chen Lin." (2)

"In a rare bit of commentary, William John Hagan of Canada Free Press wrote:

'The mainstream media has ignored the realities of the Williams case in order to promote an anti-death-penalty agenda. To present this mass murderer as a martyr is an insult to victims everywhere.'  " (2)

Williams prison activities include "two instances of throwing chemicals in the eyes of guards." (2)

"Williams had never apologized for the murders, or even admitted committing them. A farewell message from Williams contained the lyrics of “Strange Fruit,” an anti-lynching song. So the unapologetic killer apparently had no clue about how he reached death row." (2)

Wayne Owen said:  "(Tookie)  has never apologized. I don't believe there is redemption without acceptance of responsibility. It rings hollow."  (3) Wayne is murder victim Albert Owens' brother.

" 'He's a cold-blooded murderer and they want to sweep it under the rug,' said Owens, the stepmom of U.S. Army veteran Albert Owens, one of four people Williams mowed down with a shotgun in 1979 in two separate robberies that netted about 200 bucks." (3)

"Wayne Owens' fired-up stepmom said she promised her husband, who died in 1995, she would never rest until "justice" is done. "On his death bed, Chuck begged me, 'You won't forget Albert, will you? You'll stay on top of things, won't you?' There's been no closure for 26 years. It was bad and it remains bad.' " (3)

"What man orders another human being to lie face down on the floor and then proceeds to shoot him two times in the back at close range with a shotgun? What man later laughs when he tells his friends how the victim gurgled as he lay dying? Stanley Williams, the admitted cofounder of one of the most violent gangs in existence, is that man. What man, days after shotgunning Albert Owens to death, forces his way into a motel and executes three members of a single family? Stanley Williams is that man." (4)

"What must not be forgotten is that Williams’ escape plan also called for using dynamite to blow up the sheriff’s transportation bus after he escaped from custody. Williams’ motive to murder all of his fellow inmates on the bus was to prolong his time to escape. In other words, he hoped to prevent the authorities from quickly discovering who, if anyone, had escaped from custody. In an act so demonstrative of Williams’ willingness to kill, he was going to commit mass murder by dynamite, simply to allow himself more time to escape. These are not the actions of a man of peace. Instead, these are the actions of a cold-blooded predator who puts no value on life, unless it is his own." (4)

"Williams might regret his past, there is no act that will make up for the damage Williams has done and the devastation he has caused. Why not find a better role model for our children?" (5) 

"Not only did (Williams) brag to his brother about the dying anguish of Owens, but after slaughtering the Yang family, he boasted to fellow gang members he had killed "some buddhaheads." (6)

"(Williams) broke down the door at the Brookhaven Motel. . . shot Yen-I Yang and his wife, Tsai-Shai Yang, the hotel owners, and her daughter Yee-Chen Lin, who was visiting from Taiwan." (7)

"Yen-I Yang and Tsai-Shai Yang left six children and 10 grandchildren. Yee-Chen Lin left behind three children in Taiwan."  (7)

"(Williams) shot each of (the 4 murder vicitms) at close range with a 12-gauge shotgun, shattering their bodies so that they died in agony. Their suffering amused him." (8)

''You should have heard the way he sounded when I shot him"; Williams said. (8)

"Williams then made gurgling or growling noises and laughed hysterically about Owens's death.' " (8)

"Lynching was arguably the most heinous crime perpetrated by our racial majority, so despicable that the term 'lynch mob' has faded from our vernacular. These acts of hatred were mourned and memorialized by Billie Holiday in her unsettling rendition of 'Strange Fruit.'  " (9)

"For a student organization to marginalize the significance of this term by drawing a parallel to the sentencing of (Williams) is deplorable. Aren't there any elderly black or white individuals who themselves witnessed that 'strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees', who are offended by this? Is CALL really equating 'Tookie' Williams' fate to the killing of Emmett Till?" (9)

"From 1983-1990, Williams was kept in solitary confinement at San Quentin for fighting,  assaulting guards and ordering gang murders from prison."  "He bragged about the number of police officers he had killed, personally." (10)

"The, in 1993, Williams had a spiritual awakening." " . . . if good deeds can trump death sentences, anyone on death row - whether genuine or pretending -  should, henceforth be given the option to revoke his (own) execution." (10)
"So (Williams) still clings to the gang-banger's code of not snitching. That doesn't sound like "redemption" to me. That sounds like Williams has been conning a lot of people for a lot of years."  (11)

" 'If people want to have the death penalty, then I think sufficient resources should be provided to carry out the process in a timely way,' Chief Justice Ronald George told Reuters in an interview on Tuesday." "California should execute or reprieve death row prisoners within about five years instead of the present 20 and do more to speed up the process . . ." (12)

"I don't mean an overly rushed way, but I think it's a poor reflection on the administration of justice if it gets to be something like out of Charles Dickens 'Bleak House' when these cases go on for decade after decade." (12)

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