Sunday, December 22, 2013

How irresponsible is California?


The California Debacle & Death Penalty Reform
Dudley Sharp

Thank goodness (justice) that some folks are trying to create a responsible death penalty protocol in California (1).

How irresponsible is California?

Since 1977, California has executed 1.4% of their death row murderers, after an average of 18 years on death row.The last 5 murderers executed have averaged  22 years on death row (2). It will only get longer, based upon the horrendous irresponsibility of Ca judges, a continuing disaster.

Virginia has executed 70% (110) of their death row murderers, within 7.1 years, Texas 45% (510) within 10.5 years (3). Since 1976, Texas has executed about 0.8% of all her murderers, Virginia 0.7%, California 0.014% (4).

California judges do all they can to drag out these cases, taking a reported 5 years to assign appellate attorneys, after sentencing (5)!

That willful mismanagement has caused a terrible backlog, is a huge insult to murder victim survivors, as to justice, and has created huge burden on taxpayers, all because of this nest of boondoggles, aka judges.

For the last 6 years, these judges have prevented executions based upon California's lethal injection protocol (7), which mimics the successful use of intravenous medical procedures in countless millions of cases, worldwide, over decades. The lethal overdose of the drugs used in California's protocol have well known, never changing pharmacological properties.

Shocking that these judges haven't stopped all medical intravenous procedures in California, based upon them being cruel and unusual.

The cruel and unusual, here, is the judges.

Are California judges incompetent? No. They are just holding the law and the will of the people in contempt - they are dictators in robes.

Such judges can be removed, but . . .  ,

What does a responsible death penalty protocol look like?

Since 1977, Virginia has executed 70% (110) of their death row murderers after 7.1 years on death row, on average,  with a 9% overturning rate.

What if California had been responsible?

Lets say that California needed 50% longer to execute than does Virginia, or 10.5 years, and had executed only 40% and had a 30% overturning rate.

This is what California would have today, with some responsible management.

40% executed  would be 388 executed murderers, leaving 582, from which California has had 81 die (not executed) while on death row, a 30% overturning rate would be 291 cases, with 15 cases commuted, which would leave 195 remaining on death row, . . . easily manageable, as opposed to the 700 currently on death row.

Texas currently has about 300 on death row. Texas has sent about 1100 to death row, California 1000. Texas takes, on average, 10.5 years to execute and has executed 45% of their death row murderers and has a 15% overturning rate on death row.

The problem has not been available qualified attorneys,  it has been that Ca has bad case managers, aka judges.

The complaint about limited qualified defense attorneys only makes sense if you avoid the grossly irresponsible system that California judges have perpetrated, which has created this huge bottleneck.

Judges are the case managers in California, just as they are in Virginia and Texas .

Thank goodness that someone is attempting to create a responsible system, not just wining about how it can't be done, you know, like in Virginia and Texas.