Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Death Penalty: How bad is the European Union?

The Death Penalty: How bad is the European Union?
Dudley Sharp

The EU could hardly be more hypocritical on this issue, selling tons of materials to produce sarin gas for Syria to murder innocents, just to make a profit (1). 

The death penalty represents justice and it spare saves more innocent lives (2), therefore the lack thereof is a confounding of justice and greater harm to innocents (3).

The state of Missouri had planned to use propofol for executions, which no one doubted would result in a quick, painless death. The European manufacturer stated that they would withhold that drug from the US if propofol were used in executions, thus denying its use, estimated at 50 million uses per year in the US (4).

Missouri Governor Nixon was much more concerned about those innocent patients and how their lives and suffering would be additionally threatened and increased, respectively, by the withholding of that drug, that he ordered the drug not be used, because he was certain that the drug manufacturer would increase the harm and sufferring to all those patients, by withholding that drug (4).

Drug manufacturers in Europe are so against the death penalty that they would, knowingly, put more innocent patients at risk, by withholding their drugs from the US.

"After Hospira announced its decision, the American Society of Anesthesiologists issued a strongly worded statement saying it was "extremely troubled" by Hospira's forced exit from the market and criticizing the anti-death-penalty movement for "using" thiopental supplies to make a point. The doctors noted the "unfortunate irony that many more lives will be lost or put in jeopardy as a result of not having the drug available for its legitimate medical use." (4)

The European Union is proud of this?

Would they ban such drugs for use in euthenasia or abortion, which are both banned by the Hypocratic Code, which the death penalty is not (5) ?

The EU opposes the death penalty, allegedly because they find it a human rights violation, even though they have never shown it to be one (6).

The EU contradicts their own population, a majority of which support the death penalty (7).

The EU has spent at least $4.8 million (US) of EU citizens' tax monies, fighting to save murderers in the US (6), against the wishes of their own citizens, as well as those in the US, instead of giving that money to innocent victims of crime. How grotesque.

The US and the EU have never had a problem in extraditing criminals to the US, that face the death penalty, as the US simply waives seeking death in those cases, putting more innocents at risk, at the behest of the EU.

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