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Ritter's pardon of Joe Arridy

Subject: HUGE problem: Gov. Ritter's pardon of Joe Arridy




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Subject: HUGE problem: Gov. Ritter's pardon of Joe Arridy

To: Scott Tobias, Publisher, Westworld
Tracy Kontrelos, Associate Publisher, Westworld
Patricia Calhoun, Editor, Westworld
Mayor Suther, AG when Ritter was Governor
Evan Dreyer, assistant to Gov. Ritter
Tyler Smith, assistant to Gov. Ritter
Former Gov. Bill Ritter

RE: Joe Arridy was the happiest man on death row, BY ALAN PRENDERGAST, Westworld, SEPTEMBER 20, 2012

From: Dudley Sharp

There is a major problem with the Governor's pardon.

The pardon states:

"Mr. Aguilar had, however, always maintained that he had never met Mr. Arridy (Pardon, p3, para 1)."

This is, in fact, totally, untrue.

From the referenced article, Alan Prendergast wrote and has confirmed the accuracy of all material in his article:

"Several days into his interrogation, Aguilar gave a statement in which he claimed to have met Arridy in a park a few hours before the murder. The two of them plotted the attack on the Drain girls — Aguilar had already learned that the parents were going out that night — and then carried it out together. Much of the "confession" consisted of terse yes-no answers to leading questions ("Then Joe assaulted the big girl, didn't he?")."

Although Aguilar later recanted, which is irrelevant, with regard to the Governor's false statement, both as a matter of reason and of fact, Aguilar's confession of guilt is much more credible that is his, later, recantation.

There is zero reason for Aguilar to falsely confess, yet every reason for him to recant.

Arridy, also, twice, spontaneously, verified that he knew Aguilar, by calling him Frank, in front of witnesses, when they were brought together and another time when Arridy was presented the ax/hatchett and identified it as Frank's.  

Arridy also stated that he knew Aguilar and that they committed the crimes, together.
Prendergrast confirms:

"Taylor brought the hatchet head recovered from Aguilar's house. Asked if he recognized the hatchet, Arridy said that it belonged to someone named Frank.", Aguilar's first name.

"Amid highly publicized security, Arridy was taken to Pueblo and escorted through the Drain home, where he re-enacted the scenario he'd provided about he and Frank turning off lights and attacking the girls. Then he was taken to police headquarters for a confrontation with Frank Aguilar, witnessed by several officers.

"That's Frank," Arridy said."

He, later, stated, that he had never met Aguilar.

"When asked why he participated in the murder, Arridy said, 'Just for meanness and I am sorry now. If they will just let me alone, I’ll be good after this.'  " (75-year-old case still compelling today, Tracy Harmon, The Pueblo Chieftain, February 24, 2014)

Given those known facts, all confirmed as true, by Prendergrast, the Governor could, hardly, have been more in error, completely contrary to the known, public facts.

I am unaware or a more inaccurate pardon.

Are you aware of anyone who fact checked either one or both of Perske's book on this case and/or the brief submitted in support of the Arridy pardon?

Did the Governor fact check David A. Martinez' or others' research on this case?

Was there an opposing state counsel report, to investigate Martinez' or others' pro pardon research, to ensure a balanced review?

If so, where are the Governor's and/or state counsel's review?

I am just beginning my research on this case and any direction would be appreciated, if you have any.

If not, thank you for your time.

I am a pro death penalty expert, a former, opponent, who has detailed many false claims of innocence in death penalty cases (1).

Sincerely, Dudley Sharp

1)  The Innocent Frauds: Standard Anti Death Penalty Strategy

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