Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Troy Davis & The Innocent Frauds of the anti death penalty lobby

Troy Davis & The Innocent Frauds of the anti death penalty lobby
Dudley Sharp

The Troy Davis campaign (1), like many before it (2), is a simple, blatant fraud, easily uncovered by the most basic of fact checking (1).

The case for Davis' guilt is overwhelming, just as were his due process protections, which may have surpassed that of all but a few death row inmates.

The 2010 federal court innocence hearing found:

" . . . Mr. Davis is not innocent: the evidence produced at the hearing on the merits of Mr. Davis's claim of actual innocence and a complete review of the record in this case does not require the reversal of the jury's judgment that Troy Anthony Davis murdered City of Savannah Police Officer Mark Allen MacPhail on August 19, 1989." (3)

"Ultimately, while Mr. Davis's new evidence casts some additional, minimal doubt on his conviction, it is largely smoke and mirrors." (3)

"As a body, this evidence does not change the balance of proof that was presented at Mr. Davis's trial."(3)

"The vast majority of the evidence at trial remains intact, and the new evidence is largely not credible or lacking in probative value." (3)

None of this came as a surprise to anyone who actually followed the case, in contrast to the Save Troy Davis folks who were, willingly, duped or part of the deception.

Victims' Voices

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The Innocent Frauds: Standard Anti Death Penalty Strategy

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