Saturday, October 20, 2012

Forgiveness and murder

compiled and written by Dudley Sharp

 As Mary, from the blog, Broken Alabaster, writes:

"(Mary) was aware of the souls who would not receive her son's (Jesus') grace. She had the spiritual awareness of knowing that for some her son's death would be in vain. This caused her great grief - as it did Christ." (1)

Exactly, some did not receive her Son's grace. Why?

Because forgiveness has some requirements. It is not automatic. Nor should it be. If forgiveness was automatic, there would have been no need for Christ.

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Who gives forgiveness for murder?, Dudley Sharp
July 10, 2007 - Victoria Advocate

Cornelus Garza told the murderer of his wife, Janie Elizabeth, "I don't forgive you"("You should be locked up forever," July 07, 2007, Victoria Advocate).

Even if he wanted to forgive the murderer, does he have that right?

It is not up to Mr. Garza to forgive the murderer. It is up to the principal party harmed - Janie Elizabeth.

No one disputes that all of those who loved and knew Janie Elizabeth were terribly wronged and hurt, severely, by her murder.

If my uncle was robbed, what does it mean for me to forgive the robber? If anything, it is an insult to the harm my uncle has suffered.

The act of forgiveness is quite unique.

If we go by biblical instruction, it includes that the wrongdoer confess his wrong, find honest sorrow and remorse and state that he will do all he can to not harm again - to change his ways, prior to any forgiveness being given, by the specific party harmed.

To forgive those who have not repented is to give approval of what they have done, while rejecting the importance of responsibility and atonement. It would not be mercy, but insult.

Murder is unique, both biblically and humanistically.

Biblically, the crime of murder is viewed as, exactly, a crime against God, because man is made in the image of God. It is an eternal crime. Murderers can take responsibility for their crimes, they can work to change, but there can be no atonement for murder.

Humanistically, meaning, with no expectation of a godhead or afterlife, it is only this earthly life that we have, so murder curtails an even greater portion of our lives.

Can murderers be forgiven by God? Biblically, the answer is clearly yes. Can murderers receive true forgiveness on earth? The answer is clearly no.

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