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The Death Row "Exonerated"/"Innocent" Frauds

The Death Row "Exonerated"/"Innocent" Frauds 
71-83% Error Rate in Death Row "Innocent"/"Exonerated" Claims, 
Well Known Since 2000 
from: Dudley Sharp, independent researcher, pro death penalty expert, former opponent, 832-439-2113, CV at bottom
 The Death Row "Exonerated"/"Innocent" Frauds

1988 The modern era death row "exoneration"/"innocent frauds appear to have been inspired by a study by, well, known anti-death penalty activists Bedau and Radelet (1987, Stanford Law Review), both of whom, also, happen to be academics. Depending upon category, Bedau and Radelet were, 50%, 60% and 100% in error with their claims, as I detailed.  Cassell and Markman, rebutted their nonsense in 1988 (Stanford Law Review).
1998 The first and most obvious (and semi honest) public awareness, of the modern era "innocent"/"exonerated" frauds occurred, when Northwestern U. Prof. Lawrence Marshall, the organizer of the 1998 Wrongfully Convicted on Death Row Conference in Chicago, stated that "In a good half good of these 75 cases, the exoneration is so complete that it erases any doubt whatsoever."
Combining those two, with a 50-100% error rate, one admitted, we have a template for the frauds/deceptions to follow.

Somehow, the media "missed" it.

1) Since 1998, the DPIC "exoneration" and/or "innocence" numbers have been an, easily, discovered deception, as basic, simple fact checking/vetting confirms

Deception: The DPIC "Exonerated"/"Innocence" List 
(see fact checking/vetting model - use it) 

2) 2002    "Not So Innocent", National Review, 1/14/2002,

Detailed deconstruction of how anti-death penalty folks lie, with regard to the "innocent"/"exonerated" from death row. It includes a number of well known anti-death penalty folks trying to explain why they are so misleading.

It's humorous to see how they explain that lying is appropriate.

 3) 2005:  New York Times: Death Row Innocent Claims 71% False

Death Row, "Exonerations", Media & Intentional Fraud
 4) 2006: One of the greatest examples of anti-death penalty mis-information, with the media, lapping it up, for years and years.

DNA Confirms Executed Man's (Roger Keith Coleman's) Guilt, 1/12/2006

The Innocent Frauds: Standard Anti-Death Penalty Deception 
5) 2011    Innocence Project Invents False Confessions
150% fraud rate in "confessions"?
6) 2011    McCARTY v. GILCHRIST

How many DNA "exonerations" are guilty? Section (3) within 

7) 2014:  "Innocence fraud demands prosecutor vigilance", JOHN M. COLLINS JR., The Prosecutor, OCTOBER / NOVEMBER / DECEMBER / 2014
Collins is the chief managing editor of Crime Lab Report and the principal instructor and consultant with The Forensic Foundations Group 
(www.forensicfoundations.com). He has studied and published on overturned convictions and their causes.

8) The 4.1% "Innocent" on Death Row: More Nonsense https://prodpinnc.blogspot.com/2015/04/the-41-innocent-on-death-row.html

9) Not a death penalty case but a great example of folks refusing to fact check/vet/research, as well as intentional deception.

The Absurdity of the "Exonerated Five" 

10) The "Innocent", the "Exonerated" & Death Row
An Open Fraud in the Death Penalty Debate:
How Death Penalty Opponents Lie

11) The play "The Exonerated" - are any actually innocent?

12) Crime, Film, & Fraud: Shameless Hollywood (and others)
Too Often Glorifying Murderers, Slandering Victims

The Death Penalty/Executions Saving More Innocents

15) Innocents More At Risk Without Death Penalty